With a huge dedicated staff and unlimited flexibility, we are the global leader in legal administration technology.


REPORTrack℠ and VirtualVault℠

Our proprietary query application (REPORTrack) and virtual data room (VirtualVault) are the perfect combination for tackling any amount of data with industry leading speed and security features.

  • Industry's first complete OCR database
    The ultimate productivity booster, all content is searchable - every file, every party, every contract...everything
  • Flexible reporting
    Functionality is paramount, and our suite offers users an extensive set of tools to help users quickly find the answers they're looking for, even in a mountain of data
  • No more exports
    All-encompassing database includes all data and relationships, including contact and noticing lists, so you'll never waste time exporting and tinkering with CSV files again
  • Tailored to fit your needs
    Each platform was designed to maximize flexibility, enabling us to customize any module for enhanced usability
  • Mobile
    No need for an app, our client-side technology is optimized for mobile devices of any kind
  • Secure
    Every aspect of our offering, both virtual and physical, is taken to the highest level of security

eDiscovery and Forensics

  • Specialized processes designed to identify, collect, analyze, and deliver relevant information
  • Algorithm ingests widely varying formats, extracts data of any kind, and identifies almost 200 languages
  • Built to handle incredibly high volumes of data

PACER Integration

  • Electronic proof of claims (ePOC) provider
  • Fully compatible opt-in electronic noticing
  • Search bankruptcy cases and manage dockets easily and at no cost
  • Optional RSS feeds to passively stay up to speed

Contact Center

  • Staffed by a team of trained customer service representatives
  • Automated call distribution with intelligent routing ensures the right rep takes the call
  • Interactive voice response with speech recognition reduces reliance on customer service resources
  • Unlimited scalability provides coverage for unpredictable spikes in volume
  • Multichannel integration maximizes productivity and reduces rep idle time