Controlling costs and identifying ways to create additional value are key components in today’s legal administrative services support sector. Our senior consultants have a proven track record for reorganizing and restructuring firms through genuine leadership, analysis, and pragmatism. The application of Process General’s innovative technology, coupled with a results-oriented methodology, will provide your firm with measurable opportunities for improvement.



Although Process General is the choice for efficient, cost-effective bankruptcy administration, we're also experts at helping you decide if filing is really the best option. Our team has decades of hands-on experience at every step of the business cycle, meaning there is no situation we haven't seen. In addition, our comprehensive enterprise enables us to assist you regardless of the path you choose. These traits give us the unique ability to offer unbiased recommendations that are backed by a long, successful track record. Our professionals are experts in the following areas:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Economic Consulting
  • Litigation Advisory
  • Technology Optimization
  • Strategic Communications


Pre-Petition. The efficiency and overall cost of a bankruptcy process is determined long before the petition filing, and the earlier Process General is involved, the better. We will ensure you are equipped for a streamlined process and will be by your side every step of the way. A selection of services we offer that can help achieve this goal include:

  • Prepare customized report of current situation (including financial projections) with recommendations for moving forward
  • Milestone calendar creation
  • Establishment of management processes
  • Organization of necessary administrative support
  • Design a communications plan to provide timely information to all affected parties
  • Arrange pre-petition disbursements
  • Evaluate the status of taxing authorities and insurance policies
  • Manage reporting requirements for the Office of the US Trustee

Post-Petition. To achieve optimal results, Process General believes it's vital to constantly assess a bankruptcy proceeding. In addition to our end-to-end administration services, Process General can provide:

  • Plan requirements tracking, deadline planning, and completion status
  • Oversight of accounting and finance functions, cash management reporting, and daily operations
  • Valuation, sale, or liquidation of assets
  • Personnel management
  • Disbursement review and approval
  • Security of information

Class Action

In order to minimize the time from settlement to distribution, we recommend utilizing our team of experienced professionals to:

  • Review class notification options
  • Determine potential claim rates
  • Design and value prospective settlements
  • Outline the optimal settlement administration through a comprehensive project plan
  • Provide deposition guidance
  • Design a media and noticing plan strategy