Regardless of the subject litigation, class action lawsuits require a significant amount of costs independent of attorney’s fees and court costs. As a result, Process General has assembled a dynamic team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of the many specialized administrative requirements of class action litigation. Firms increase their productivity and reduce costs when they partner with Process General. We handle tasks that are high volume, time-consuming, and require extensive organizational and security-compliant procedures.


Comprehensive Settlement Administration

Process General is an ideal partner for Class Action, Mass Tort, and Claims Management. Our market experience and staffing model means we have the right resources for each job and handle each client with priority, regardless of size. Combined with our exceptional security systems, our advanced technology provides transparency and peace of mind by delivering the metrics that matter most through an encrypted channel.

  • Pre-settlement consultation
    Regardless of the situation and whether working in a compressed or extended timeframe, Process General can help develop a complete plan outlining the ideal tactics. In cases involving product recall, our plan would explain a solution to preserve reputations and instate a timely recall. See our Consulting page for more info.
  • Funds management
    Our team has experience with class action escrow administration and can work closely with clients to maintain a seamless management of funds from start to finish.
  • Noticing
    Our noticing platform starts with the development of a campaign strategy and ends with guaranteed, on time receipts. Process General has the lowest bounce rate in the industry and our production facility can handle any size job. For legal notification, we can create a multimedia campaign that focuses on strategic placing through mediums that produce the largest return for the smallest investment.
  • Data management
    With our proprietary technology, our clients are assured that class member data is always accurate and up to date. See our Technology page for more info.
  • Claims administration
    Thanks to our exclusive all digital platform, we can distribute customized claim forms, process submitted claims electronically, administer claims through a rigorous quality control procedure, and provide instant updates for any adjustments.
  • Disbursements
    Our funds management capabilities tie in perfectly with our ability to accurately calculate award amounts, globally distribute payments or non-cash settlements to class members, and provide quality control reconciliation. Our multichannel payment platform and ultra-secure security features ensure our clients are receiving the highest standard of optionality and fraud deterrence available.
  • Tax reporting
    Process General is prepared to handle every aspect of your settlement, including filing tax returns, reporting 1099 and W-2 forms to the IRS, local and state governments, and claimants.