Process General was founded by a team with over 100 years of collective restructuring and bankruptcy experience. Maintaining a high level of efficient, diligent organization is essential. We have created the industry standard by partnering with firms to solve the myriad of complex issues encountered in bankruptcy cases. Our company implements measures and protocols that lead to the completion of vital administrative more quickly, less expensively, and with higher accuracy than our competitors.


Comprehensive Case Administration

Whether it's Chapter 7, 9, 11, or 15, we've got you covered.

  • Pre-petition consultation
    Getting started early can help identify and avoid major pitfalls, reduce costs, and set realistic milestones. See our Consulting page for more info.
  • Noticing
    Our noticing platform starts with the development of a campaign strategy and ends with guaranteed, on time receipts. Our distribution facility can handle complex jobs of any size with more efficiency and a lower bounce rate than the alternatives.
  • Media campaign
    The foundation of any comprehensive noticing plan is an effective media outreach policy. We can create a multimedia campaign that focuses on strategic placement through mediums that produce the largest return for the smallest investment.
  • SOFA and Schedules preparation
    Fast, accurate preparation is paramount, but it's also important to ensure the data is in a flexible format. Process General is the only legal administration firm that digitally manages all content, enabling us to perform more automatic testing. This results in faster turnaround and less manual labor.
  • Database and content management
    Setting up a customized client website is easy; today you need an abundance of tools at your disposal to avoid unnecessary costs and delays. With our proprietary technology, you'll always be several steps ahead. See our Technology page for more info.
  • Claims administration
    Our all digital platform pays huge dividends for claims management. We can distribute customized claim forms, process submitted claims electronically, automatically reconcile with existing content, and provide instant updates for any adjustments, including address changes, amendments, transfers, and objections. No one does it better.
  • Balloting and tabulation
    Regardless of the size, domicile, or complexity, we have the experience to provide a custom, cost-effective solution. Process General works closely with clients to identify appropriate voting classes, distribute solicitation materials, provide real-time reporting, and certify voting results.
  • Disbursements
    Even before plan approval, Process General develops a payment strategy to ensure a seamless transition at the appropriate time. We coordinate every step of the process, including opening and securing bank accounts, offering the industry's leading selection of payment options, quality control reconciliation, and providing audited documentation for tax purposes.

Committee Services

Process General is the ideal partner for official committees given their ever-evolving roles and requirements. We have the experience and resilience to add real value and far exceed the expectations of a typical legal administrator. Our full suite of end-to-end solutions and industry leading technology promote effortless communications, minimizing costs, and transparent exchanges. All of our products and services can be customized to meet the demands of any situation.