Leading Consultants

Renowned for their accuracy, dependability, and determination to provide value-added and results-oriented service, the team behind Process General has one mission: to provide your firm with superior guidance that will save you time, money, and manpower. Let us remove the guesswork and provide your company the information it needs to select the optimal strategy and get the plan underway.

Bankruptcy Experts

Having a competitive advantage is critical. Our senior team has provided administration and advisory services to companies involved in some of the most complex bankruptcy cases. From pre-filing planning and essential document preparation, to accurate and timely disbursements, our methods streamline every step of the process through an unmatched level of organization and efficiency.

Class Action Specialists

No case is too big or too small. We are equipped to handle the full suite of legal administrative services essential to a class action lawsuit, from start to finish. Timeliness and data management are critical, which is why our user-friendly online dashboards, customized for each case, provide a central hub for claimants to receive pertinent information, find support, and respond promptly.

Proprietary Technology

Technology can be an incredible asset, but only when properly adopted. Process General spares no expense researching, developing, and refining its extensive list of exclusive platforms. All of our automated services are engineered to be highly compatible and ultra-secure. Our progressive approach to problem solving inspires creative solutions that deliver optimal results to our clients.